Production Chains In Fs22: Introduction Video + New Screenshots

Let’s get into production chains! QA Lead Ken Burgess and Gameplay Programmer Marius Hofmann presented the new feature for Farming Simulator 22 at FarmCon. Watch the recording below!

Mind the fact, production chains are still work-in-progress. So, some things may change until release of Farming Simulator 22 on November 22nd.

Starting your productions
Let’s take the grain mill, for example: The grain mill isn’t just a place to sell your wheat, now. It’s a production plant and a placeable that processes your grains. Either visit a mill that’s already placed on the map, or build one yourself on a piece of land you own.

Instead of just selling your wheat after harvesting, you can also transport it to the mill to get some fine flour. Deliver that to the bakery, and you have the option to produce bread, or cake. Most production plants have multiple production chains available, with varying inputs and outputs. They’re listed as recipes, showing you what’s possible and what’s required.

Let’s make some cake!
At the production plants, you can also store ingredients: If you want to make something that requires several ingredients, you can start the production as soon as you got all of them delivered. In case you want to make some delicious cake, you’ll need a whole set of ingredients. Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter and strawberries.

This rather complex production chain requires you to deliver a lot of ingredients which need to be harvested or even produced themselves, first. Like butter, you need to produce at the dairy plant by delivering fresh milk. Maybe you just start with bread, instead, to get the hang of it. Don’t worry. You’ll get multiple production chains started simultaneously in no time. The delicious (and valuable) cake will be worth it. Take a look.

Move the product, and step up production!
After production, you have several options on how to sell it. Either the production plant sells it automatically right away and takes it off your hands, or generates a palette you can move yourself (to generate more money, of course). In most cases, you have the choice where to sell the goods: the supermarket or the farmer’s market, for example.
Maybe, to get rid of bottle necked production chains, you even have to build multiple mills, dairies, and bakeries at once to make up for resources not piling up fast enough. Also, you need to think about storage and seek different ways to make most of your resources. Soon enough, you own a whole empire if you’re able to manage it efficiently. Get some help by cooperating with other players in multiplayer if you need it!

Farming Simulator 22 will release on November 22nd for PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Pre-order now to receive the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack for free!

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