Buy FS22 (Cheap)

You can use the links below to purchase Farming Simulator 22.

You can unlock achievements if you buy them on Steam. You will also get cards as you play. You can get some of the money back by selling these collectible cards.

Farming Simulator 22 Buy – Epic Store

You can easily update it when you buy it on Steam and Epic. (Automatic Updates) You can buy add-ons/DLC and add them to the game easily.

Farming Simulator 22 Boxed DVD Version

Fs22 DVD Cover for PC

Amazon Fs22 (PC) | Amazon Fs22 (Xbox) | Amazon FS22 (PS4) – Coming Soon.

Digital Delivery for Other Platforms

Xbox Store – Fs22 | Playstation Store – FS22

For more purchasing options, you can check the Farming Simulator 22 Official Website.

You can always enjoy the game with Fs22 mods.