FS22 – Update 1.2

Bugfixes & Changes
Adjusted contract vehicles accordingly as some had wrong tools for the job at hand
Adjusted prices for used vehicle sale
Adjusted repair costs
Adjusted ridge markers on seeders to not dig up stones anymore
Changed display of day numbers
Changed price fluctuations display so it shows actual history of prices of the last 12 months
Fixed an issue where AI workers were unable to use and turn plows correctly
Fixed an issue where leased machinery for a contract would disappear once accepted
Fixed an issue where picking up objects as a client in MP could crash the game
Fixed an issue where playing with a custom season length could cause issues in weather forecasts or indefinite rain/snow
Fixed an issue where shadows would cause some visual issues on PS4
Fixed an issue where some contracts were unable to be finished
Fixed an issue where the AI worker would continuously get paid even though the game was paused
Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t start on certain Intel GPUs
Fixed an issue where using DLSS could result in some “ghosting” artifacts
Fixed an issue where using DLSS on supported cards could lead to a black screen
Fixed an issue where using the Big Bag lifter tool could cause the game to freeze or crash
Fixed an issue where vehicles would get duplicated when reset
Fixed an issue with animals running around the place when they shouldn’t
Fixed an issue with the map filter overlays displaying the “needs plowing” and “needs lime” status incorrectly
Fixed income of placeables to be consistent per year, now shown as income per month
Fixed issues with emptying of bunker silos
Fixed loan interest rates over a whole year
Fixed Manure Heap and Manure Heap Extension, they are now working as expected
Fixed reset of collectibles after they had all been collected
Fixed Rostselmash Nova pipe unloading effect
Fixed seed usage when direct-sowing grass
Fixed sell point prices and price fluctuations
Fixed switched fields and field numbers on Elmcreek map
Fixed the rear paddle buttons on the Logitech G920 not being properly bound on Xbox
Fixed tree growth to be the same independent of the length of a month
Fixed various issues with manual shifted tractors
Improved combine headers on sloping terrain
Improved cotton bale loading
Improved driving behavior of multi-axled trucks
Improved pallet handling and performance
Reduced AI worker costs all around
Fixed Arcusin Multipack D14 bale unload
New additions
Added ability to enlarge ModHub screenshots when viewing the mod details
Added ability to remove buildings on all four farms of the Elmcreek map
Added ai support for reverse driving tractors (Vario 900 & Valmet 8750)
Added Mobile Home placeable
Added Old Barn placeable
Added option for free placement of placeables
Added option for higher fuel usage
Added option to place vines and olives with parallel snapping
Added yield potential and weed removing tool recommendation to the field info
License Plate on Erlengrat now fully customizable
New vehicles and tools
ABI 1600 Gallon Water Trailer
ABI 550 Gallon Water Trailer
Amazone T-Pack U
Bomech Trac-Pack
Case IH Quadtrac AFS Connect Series
Case IH Rowtrac AFS Connect Series
Case IH Steiger AFS Connect Series
Fliegl Agrartechnik Noah TTW 140
Kongskilde GXF 3605 P
Kongskilde GXT 130005 P
Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP VC
Krone GX 520
KUHN Primor 15070 M
Landini Series 7 Robo-Six
Samasz Tornado 252
Vervaet Hydro Trike 5×5
Known issues
Foliage in the distance can flicker in weird colors on certain hardware setups
Random crashes when hiring AI worker
Random cut down trees exploding visually in bizarre graphical glitches
Random issue where pressing the “A” button on Xbox will not enter the vehicle shop
Rare issue where game cannot be saved on Xbox
Contract bonus yield is too high – enjoy it while it lasts
Random graphical artifacts that can appear in the vehicle shop or when it’s snowing

Authors: Farming simulator 
Download FS22 – Update 1.2 - www.farming-simulator.com

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