FS22 – Farm Animals & Wildlife: Trailer & Top 10 Reasons For Animal Husbandry

You can already start thinking about where to build your chicken coop – especially, if you want to bake some cakes by delivering eggs to the local bakery.

Animals are back in Farming Simulator 22, and they’re more important than ever. Also, a lot cuter. Honestly, look at those fluffy sheep!

Animals will keep you busy all-season

Animal husbandry is the perfect chance to expand your farming experience! With specialized machines and tools, a lot of different tasks, and even more possibilities thanks to the new production chains.

First, you need to build them some housing, including a variety of animal pens. You can then transport them in animal trailers to their new home. Once there, you need to take care of them by providing straw, fodder, and fresh water.

Production chains are not the only new feature to expand the usefulness of animals. With seasonal cycles enabled (allowing up to 28 days per month), they also give you more to do during winter besides focusing on greenhouses and keeping your roads clear of snow.

Not convinced, yet?

Top 10 reasons to keep animals on your farm
They make your farm more lively
They diversify your farming experience
They generate additional income in various ways
They give you something to do during winter
They produce resources for production chains, like eggs
They produce manure – a cheap, organic fertilizer
They allow you to discover the land by riding horses
They can increase the yield of your crops (more on that, soon) and…
…they give you a reason to put on a beekeeper outfit, yay!
They are cute and fluffy – especially sheep!

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