FS22 – Grimme Ventor 4150 V1.0

Details in Farming simulator:
– Potato Harvester
– 599000eur
– 390kw / 530hp
– Variable (CVT)
– 750l
– 25kph / 15mph
– 30.1t
– 10kph / 6mph

Real Grimme Ventor 4150 Highlights:
Innovative folding mechanism
Due to the innovative folding mechanism of the two hedgehog web-separators, which are mounted on both sides, the width of the machine is reduced in that way, that it meets to road legal requirements.

Four-wheel steering
The outer turning circle has a diameter of only 13.10 m, enabling good manoeuvrability on headlands. In addition, the wheel system with “crab steering” enables a low-impact travel on the field: The machine covers the entire surface in an even way.

Equipped for long and tough haulm in potato crops.
The VENTOR 4150 can now be optionally equipped with the HT 400 haulm topper, which is especially suitable for extremely high quantities of long, tough potato haulm.

TerraFloat depth control
During digging operations, the intake is guided by large drums running between the rows. The ridges are taken into the machine without any pressure before they are distributed over the full width of the main webs.

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