Ursus 934/934 Turbo V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Ursus 934/934 Turbo V1.0 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.14

I searched the entire Internet and couldn’t find such an Ursus anywhere, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Maybe someone else besides me likes this model, so I’m posting it here

Ursus 934/934 Turbo
Power: 96 HP or 106 HP
Maximum speed: 30km/h or 40km/h
Price: $32,000

Possibility to add a turbine
Tire configuration
Wheel weights
Choice of front fenders – metal, plastic or without (metal fenders are dedicated to the basic tire size 520.80.R38 – for larger sizes I recommend plastic or without fenders)
Choice of cockpit – original or modified
Three front weight models (200kg, 460kg with rope, 560kg)
Two models of the front tuft
Loader console (MP-Lift or Tur16B)
3-speed or 4-speed gearbox (fast)

Choice of the color of the hood and front fenders
Choice of roof color
Choice of color for rear fenders
Choice of color of wheel weights
Choice of rim color
License plate (rear)

Engine side covers
Right and left doors
Side windows (right and left)
Rear window
Folding the steering wheel

Starting the engine
Turn indicators and emergency lights
Lighting around the tractor (low beam, high beam, halogen, warning light)
Cruise control

The tractor was made on the basis of Ursus 1234 from LsNovinky published by an unknown author.

The tractor sounds are taken from Farming 19. The mod is not perfect, I am not a professional creator and I made it mainly for myself. It has its flaws, maybe even some that I don’t know about yet. The log is not completely clean, but these are not errors that affect the game.

Authors: Meffjas 
Download Ursus 934/934 Turbo V1.0 - modsbase.com
Download Ursus 934/934 Turbo V1.0 - modsup.com

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