Spruce Mountain Farms V1.0.0.3

Farming Simulator 22 Spruce Mountain Farms V1.0.0.3 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.12

Welcome to Spruce Mountain Farm’s, a fictional USA map.

– New savegame required-
– Widened multiple fences near sell points/productions to help with trailers getting stuck on fences.
– Adjusted the starter farm, now there is a cattle farm with plenty of new starting equipment to keep you busy. Also made changes to the crops to better suit the new animals.
– Rebuilt the stone mine area completely. It is now fully enclosed with the option to sell the roof, if you would like a more open style mining area.
– Central Exports will now accept silage in bulk. (It was only accepting bales of silage)
– Made terrain changes to most fields, no longer completely flat.
– Added dlc container sellpoints to the map,(labeled Firewood Sales) Hilltop Sawmill behind the stone mine area now accepts containers as well.
– Made it so you can buy spruce trees with the landscaping tool.
– Added a bulk silo that holds all bulk material.
– Updated the pda to show changes.

To the north you will find large mountains filled with logging areas and many trails for exploring(some require a 4×4 ONLY to access). Located more central is your starter farm. There you will find large-XL fields. Most of the land around your farm is cheap to help in expanding. While this map is mainly setup for large-scale farming and forestry, to the south you will find a small farm setup with about 21 fields more your size. The map also has stone mining & woodchip removal built in. While this map won’t be for everyone, I hope you enjoy Spruce Mountain Farm’s!

– 47 Fields Total
– Over 15 forest areas
– Productions (basegame)
– Stone mining (suggest using a Stone-Lime Production mod)
– Light Traffic & Pedestrians
– Built in silo storage’s (GrainWestSilo & GrainPoolEast)-NoTrain-
– Collectibles added
– Snow mask added
– Precision farming ready (Loads Default US soil map)

-Fixes and Additions-
– -New Savegame Required-
– Floating items around the map
– Fixed rock collisions around the map (no more sinking into them)
– Made it so farm buildings and décor will delete (deleting décor on a farm, deletes all of that specific farms décor at once.)
– Redesigned the third auxilary farm near the base of Spruce Mountain
– Added chickens to starter farm
– Few changes to starter farm equipment/buildings
– Added grass missions to a few fields (Small & Large)
– Added more paint textures
– Adjusted farmland prices & expanded farmlands out (no longer own the road)
– Starter farm no longer owns grain west silos
– Adjusted the price it cost to buy the BGA
– Added a third water trigger near store pond
– Added supermarket & made it so Central Exports now will buy all products that couldn’t be sold before
– Moved lime station over by central exports
– Moved fast food restaurant across the street for better access
– Fixed stone sales having two triggers
– Added more detail around the map
– Fixed the tree collisions with spruces going inside each other when stacking
– Over 3000 trees deleted, and many other trees have been cleaned up down in the town/field areas
– Fixed map description
– Updated PDA
– A lot of these issues were pointed out through map tours/reviews/playthroughs throughout the community. Just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to play on Spruce Mountain Farms and contributed to helping make this map a better one.

– New savegame NOT required-
– Fixed field’s 31, 32, and 33 not working.
– Added snow mask to green paths & red paths.
– Added snow mask to starter farm area.
– Adjustments to pedestrian spline in town.
– Adjustments to a few objects & winter objects around the map.
– Adjustments to store vehicle spawns.
– (Important) -The following changes WILL require a new savegame-
– Made it so you now make a small profit for selling Auxilary farms.
– The white fences on the small farm’s were part of the Auxilary farm buildings. When you deleted the fences the buildings would be deleted as well. This has been redone so fences will now delete without deleting the buildings. (Note – In order to see the new fences a new save is required, without a new savegame the white fences are removed completely from the farm.)

Authors: MapsByMako 
Download Spruce Mountain Farms V1.0.0.3 - modsbase.com

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