Scania S Swap Body Pack V1.0.2.2

Farming Simulator 22 Scania S Swap Body Pack V1.0.2.2 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.14

Scania S swap body pack

small update
-adjusted the claw on timber crane
-added licence plate chainunload trailer
-adjusted the sounds of scania

includes Scania s swap body, 3 swap body, 3 trailers and 1 hooklift container.
Remember that the detach button is CTRL+Q. you need it with this mod!!

big thanks to TschiZack for letting me use his original scania mod!!

More swap bodies and trailers to come in the future! it would be great if someone else made more swap bodies for this!
I also make updates as needed when you report bugs!

The swap bodies that come with this mod can also be used with dlc Volvo.

Scania S swap body truck
-some tuning configs
-color configs cap, frame, rims and chrome parts
-unzip the file so you can make your own pics for name plate, mudflap and lightbox by or something like that. picture file is your company save the picture as DXT1 and zip the mod file again as FS22_Scania_S_Pack.
-Price 212500€-321250€

Wood swap body.
cover button is use to fold and unfold the crane!
-color configs frame, crane and log bunks
-price 50000€-53300€

Timber trailer with movin log bunks
-color configs frame, rims and log bunks
-price 30000€-31200€

Hooklift swap body
-color configs frame and rolls
-price 2800€-3000€

Hooklift container trailer
can hold two containers
-color configs frame, rims and fenders
-price 35000€-35500€

Tipper swap body
-color configs frame and skid
-price 20000€-22000€

Cassette trailer
-color configs frame, rims and skid
-price 38500€-42500€

Chain floor swap body
-color configs frame, body and cover
-price 20000€-23100€

chain floor trailer
-color configs frame, body, rims and cover
-price 30000€-34100€

Authors: MaanTieBanaani, TschiZack 
Download Scania S Swap Body Pack V1.0.2.2 -

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