Rolnik Sam W Dolinie Ostateczna Map V2.0

Farming Simulator 22 Rolnik Sam W Dolinie Ostateczna Map V2.0 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.13

A farmer alone in the valley.

– A small map with a fictional region. Adapted to small machines up to 80 HP. Perfect for computers with low computing power.

– 33 Fields + 1 meadow
– 48 Farmlands
– 1 Playable farm
– 8 Purchases
– 6 Buy Stations. (Water, Lime, Fertilizer, Seeds, Spraying, Fuel)
– Water can be filled from 2 wells on the road. It’s free.
– There is a large slab of lime at the neighbor’s place.
– Diesel and Sprayers are also in the neighbor’s yard. Diesel = blue barrels, spraying = square Mausers.
– The seeds and fertilizers are in the other neighbor’s yard, they are appropriate pallets.
– Additional mods included in the map package.
– Additional darker textures and crushed stubble are also included in the package, you have to add them yourself.
– There is no gate or gate on the farm because I didn’t know how to add it, so you have to build it from the game level.
The appropriate gate and wicket from the screenshot are included in the map package. The gate and wicket are properly edited.

– No errors in the LOG
– All mods were downloaded from ModHub + I added purchase modifications from myself. You can take them out of the map as you want.
– For me, the log does not show any errors, but for you it may be different depending on what improvements you use, so don’t blame me for any errors.
All the mods you need for this map are in this pack. You just need to read the instructions and use your head.
– The mini map is only gray because I didn’t feel like making it, and secondly, it’s basically not needed for such a small map.
– The map does not include crops that do not exist in Poland. E.g.: Cotton, sorghum, etc…

Have a nice game. Best regards, author ArturMPL.


V2 version includes:
– Fix for animalSpawner which conflicted with the mod (Additional Game Settings) from Rockstar.
– I added one more building to the playable farm. This is a building with chickens from LeoLeo which is included in the map package, remember to add all
mods that are included in the package with the map.
– I fixed the degrees of the fields because they were at 0° and should have been at -90°. Now they are corrected.
– A new save is necessary because the starting economy is slightly remodeled and I added this new building from LeoLeo.
– If anything, one of the comments was that dark ground textures do not work, and because there are no dark ground textures in the package, there are
just dark tree textures and crushed stubble, all files you have to replace in the main game folder, not in the map or documents.
– I also added what I call uneven ground on all roads, farms and shopping centers. The only problem with this is that you may have a problem with
placing some buildings or other objects on the farm, but there is a solution for this – unpack the map in the Giants Editor and remove it in the Farm 1 transformation. Transform called
bumpy_road and bumpy_farm_1, or set them to the map, change the value in Y to -100 or greater and arrange the map. I only did this because I wanted the tractor to jump
just like in the fields, and he didn’t ride like on the table.
– There are two wells on the road, you can draw water from them for free.
– And all stations for purchasing seeds, lime, spraying, fertilizers and diesel have changed the filling speed to 2 per second, i.e. slowly, if you want, change it in the archive
maps in the items/placeables tab and the appropriate xml. Look for the term :fillLitersPerSecond”.
Well, I guess that’s all that has been corrected and added, there will be no expansion of the map and as for the space for building your inn, you have to sell the buildings in the game and hide the modem with the fence Map Objects Hider

Authors: ArturMPL 
Download Rolnik Sam W Dolinie Ostateczna Map V2.0 -

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