Reallifenumbers V1.0.1.3

Farming Simulator 22 RealLifeNumbers V1.0.1.3 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.5

This mod has two main objectives:
To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming.
To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor.

This mod has not been written for Multiplayer mode.
Nor has it been tested in Multiplayer mode.
One group has reported that they use the mod on a server in multiplayer games.
So it is worth trying.
Play on hard economic level.

1. Added xml files for the Hof Bergmann map.
2. Added xml files for other German maps.

1. RealNumbersCropGrowth.lua: Made a few bug fixes so it is possible to have two winter crop cycles.
2. RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua: Made a few changes so lease contracts terminates in January. The lease cost decreases progressively toward January. A new lease contract can be signed from February till December.
3. RealNumberContractRewards.lua: Added the possibility of disabling some warning messages.

1. RealNumbersFillTypes.lua. Have added the filltypes netwrap and twine, to make the mod compatible with the mods FS22_twine_addon and FS22_netwrap_addon. Store prices looks at first to be to low. However, the actual price shows inside the store. Set real-life prices in the respective mods, not in RealLifeNumbers.

2. All scripts reading xml files have been changed, so that savegame index 0 is used when no savegame index is defined. This is the case for multiplayer clients. Players wanting to be clients in a multiplayer game should place the xml files in a folder called modSettings/RealLifeNumbers/savegame0.

1. Same as version Renumbering was necessary to place the newest version at the top of the download list.

1. RealNumbersContractRewards.lua. An aperiodic error has been observed. The cause is unknown, but it is likely to occcur when FS22 deletes a mission while the script is in the process of running a periodic update of mission data. Attempts have been made to make the script more tollerant toward this rare event.
2. RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua. Nothing new has been added to the script. It does not seem to cause game crash when also using the new mod FS22_Fieldlease by KR Software. However, Fieldlease will calculate its lease prices based on the buy or lease prices defined in RealNumbersFieldPrices. The consequence of running both scripts is a double scaling.

1. RealNumbersContractRewards.lua. Upgraded with xml file and adapted to FS22_SupplyTransportContracts.
2. RealNumbersAnimalScaling.lua. Fixed an issue occuring at the end of the month.
Other additions: lAlt-rh prints a list of all keyboard commands.

1. RealNumbersAnimalScaling.lua. Animal scaling parameters now in xml file.
2. RealNumbersLoan.lua. Defines interest rate and max loan amount.
3. RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua. lAlt-ry lists predicted crop yield
4. RealNumbersSprayTypes.lua. Adjusted spray rates.
5. RealNumbersCropGrowth.lua. lAlt-rs changed to lAlt-rg
6. Three versions of all xml files: France, UK, US Heartland.
If you create a good set of xml files for another country, state or region, put your name in
the top of the files and mail me a copy for inclusion in a future update.
– Small fixes in parameter values.

1. RealNumbersCropGrowth.lua. This script allows the mod user to define unique crop growth calendars for each savegame. This allows the user to design realistic crop calendars for maps in different regions/states/countries.
The user specifies the seed month and harvest month for each crop type. The script then adjusts the growth state transitions to make the crop reach its harvest state at the specified harvest month.
The script operates with two growth cycles for each crop. This way, you can achieve many different types of cycles.
1 cycle: make the parameters of both cycles identical.
1 winter seed cycle and 1 spring seed cycle.
2 spring seed cycles in parallel.
2 crop cycles in sequence.
The script limits the harvest season to one month for each crop. Each cycle has its own harvest month.
The user can turn off the requirement for rolling for each crop.
Take a look at the uploaded images.
Warning. The script may alter the growth calendar for crops in your savegame. The safest approach is to start a new savegame. If you want to use the mod on an existing savegame, this is possible, but it may change the crop growth cycle of already seeded crops. Most likely the crop will not reach its harvest state in the specified harvest month. Things should work as intended, for crops seeded after installation of the script.

2. RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua. This script now uses an xml file. This allows the user to make unique lists of rentable fields for each savegame. Also the pricePerHa and the rent cost may be set uniquely for each savegame.
The distribution zip file now contains three additional folders.
FarmingData: Documents with growth calendars for EU and US. It also contains an Excel file with loads of relevant data for farming in the EU (yield, prices, etc.)
Docs: A library of pdf files with information about crops, animals, and farming technology.

1. Reads modified game parameters XML files. This version meets a frequent request that modified game parameters should be stored in xml files. This has several advantages. (a) You do not need to repeat the editing of all your personalized game parameters each time a new version of the mod is published. (b) You can have multiple sets of xml files, one set for each savegame. This means that you can customize the game parameters to the region, state, or country of your maps.
You may edit the values in the xml files. If you change the parameter names, or add new parameter names, they will not be read.
2. XML files. At this moment, the xml files are customized versions of fruitTypes.xml, fillTypes.xml, and sprayTypes.xml.
3. RealNumbersHarvestBonusScaling.lua. This mod allows the user to modify the harvest bonus of rolling, mulching, plowing, etc. This has not been tested. Please report back, whether this actually works.
4. Unzip the distribution file. You need to unzip the distribution file. Read the installation instructions and place the xml files and mod zip file as explained.

Fixed a few issues in version RealNumbersAnimalScaling.lua.
Nothing new was added.

1. RealNumbersAnimalScaling.lua: Added a script for scaling animal parameters
With this script the mod user will be able to adjust many parameters associated with farm animals, such as buy, sell, and transport prices, feed and straw input, and milk, manure, liquid manure, and pallet output.
Grazing period: The script defines a grazing period and scales relevant parameters to new values during the grazing season. By default it will reduce cow and sheep feed intake to 10%, assuming that the remaining 90% is obtained from eating grass. Similar scaling is done for straw input, and manure and liquid manure output. Sheep winter feed intake is based on dry matter content of hay, not grass. Wool production is upscaled by a factor of 10 during the grazing season.
Cow milk yield is set to be 29 Liters per month and egg production is set to 29 eggs per month per chicken.
Cow issue. In the vanilla game, cows start producing milk, when they are 12 months old. In real life they start producing milk after the first calving. In the present script, lactation starts when the cows are 29 months old. The user can change the lactation month.
Pig issue. In the vanilla game, sows give birth to only ONE pig every 4 months. In real life, a sow gives birth to a litter of 10 – 14 pigs (Landrace ~14) every 4 months. While it is possible to reduce the gestation duration from 4 to 1 month, this will only increase the piglet output by a factor of 4.
In the present script pig gestation duration is kept at 4 months. To play pig farming in a realistic manner, the player should forget about breeding piglets and instead simulate a hog farm for fattening bacon pigs. Every month you bring a full load of 6 month old pigs to the animal dealer and buy a full load of 0 month piglets to take with you back to the pig pen. The pen capacity should be big enough to hold 6 full loads of pigs, one load each ranging from 0 to 5 months old.

2. RealNumbersCalenderInfo.lua: Added script for printing calendar information to the log file.

1. RealNumbersStoneScaling.lua: Added a script to scale the size of field stones.
In the downloaded version, the size scaling parameter is set to one. You need to pick up all existing field stones before changing the stone size scaling factor. If you downscale the size, the stone picker will not recognize the stones with the original size.

In this case you have two options:
Cultivate the field again. This will delete the old stones and spawn new ones.
Set the stone scaling parameter back to its previous value and pick up the old stones.

I have tried setting the scaling parameter to 1/2. This gives smaller but visible stones. For very small scaling factors, the stones become invisible. If you make the stone size very small, you might as well turn off the stone system.
The equipment wear factor it set to scale as the square of the stone size scaling. If the stone size is scaled by 1/2, the wear factor on equipment is scaled by 1/4. If you increase the stone size by 1.41, the wear factor doubles.
The stone yield while stone picking can also be scaled. However, I have not been able to adjust the density of stone spawning.
2. RealNumbersStorePrices.lua: Added an opportunity to set dailyUpkeep as a percentage of the retail price. Unique scaling parameters have been defined for a range of item categories.

Added a script RealNumbersTreeLogPrices.lua to adjust prices of the 19 wood types in the game.
The mod user may adjust the price of milled wood to desired price levels. The mod then calculates the sales price of logs. A table is printed to the log file.
To adjust the helper fee, please use the mod AIcost by HappyLooser.

Fixed price scaling when buying multiple bales, bigbags and bigbag pallets.

Consider this a beta version. Testing has been very sparse.
Play on economy-level HARD!!
This mod is very downscaled compared to the original mod for FS19. The FS22 version includes the following scripts
RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua: (press lAlt-rf to get a list of field area and other information)
– Adjusted prices of farmland
– Defines a fraction of the farmlands as leaseable at a reduced cost (can be turned off)
– Adjusted pricePerLiter (only fillTypes, not buildings or equipment)
– Adjustable yield, windrow yield and seedUsage (default is no scale)
– Adjustable prices for bales, bigbags, bigbagpallets and pallets
– Adjustable leasing cost for equipment (default: flat daily fraction of trade value)
– Adjusted rewards for missions
– Reduced price variation between sellPoints
Still to do: reduce helper wages.
Each script is independent. All scripts, except RealNumbersFieldPrices.lua, can be commented out in modDesc.xml.
There is only one universal version of the mod. Mod users in different parts of the world may need to adjust the price scaling inside each script to fit price levels in their part of the world.
In the FS19 version, a unique set of parameter values were defined for each item. I do not have the time to repeat this detailed approach in FS22. In the FS22 version, items are scaled in large groups. E.g., all fillTypes are scaled by the same number.

Authors: Model: Kaj-Aage Henneberg Script: Kaj-Aage Henneberg Idea / Concept: Kaj-Aage Henneberg Testing: Kaj-Aage Henneberg 
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