Pallet Autoload Specialization V1.8.1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Pallet Autoload Specialization V1.8.1.0 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.5

– SV translations by piplarsson
– Cotton bales simplified in the detection
– Correction for square bales with small loading areas
– Deregistered event listener for non-AL configuration to improve performance
– Only show shifting of the dumping area in the F1 menu if markings are visible.

Publication on other sides only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO alternative link!
Changing or re-uploading, whether in whole or in part, is not allowed!

An example of how to use in your own mod you will find in the Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload.

Currently supported from the standard game:
Standard Euro pallets
Liquid tanks
Big bag pallets
Round bales
Square bales 180/220/240

Pallets from the following mods can be used:
Package Of Premium Pallets And Bags
HoT Fries Factory

In addition, all Euro pallets that are constructed according to the principle of the basic play pallets.

How to use:
Activate loading with [B] and then drive next to a pallet or bale to load it.
Make sure that you have selected the correct load.
The pallets or bales will then lie on the loading area as if they were loaded by hand.
Do not forget to fasten the straps, otherwise they will slip.
You can select the unloading side with [U] and unload with [I].
The loading switches off automatically when there is no more loading area.
You can also switch it off yourself with [B].

Authors: Script: AchimobilIdee / Konzept: Achimobil 
Download Pallet Autoload Specialization V1.8.1.0 -

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