Lizard Superior End Dump Trailer Pack V1.1

Farming Simulator 22 Lizard Superior End Dump Trailer Pack V1.1 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.14

Lizard Superior End Dump Trailer Pack

Update 1.1:
– Improved 48ft trailer physics when fully loaded to help maintain control of the semi
– Fixed rear lift wheel from rolling when not lowered
– Added additional wheel configurations to all length varaints
– Added 20 ft pup trailer variant
– Added Flip and Go Tarp system to all variants except 48ft
– Added color configurations so all parts of the trailers are color configurable
– Added more color options to all color configurations
– Added fast tipping option with grain door

North American style end dump trailers that hold all bulk materials and have many configuration options to be the “superior” fit for any operation. Choose from four different length options depending on your capacity needs, or link together multiple trailers using the included dolly to create massive road trains.
The included Lizard Semi Trailer dolly also features a joint lock function to make reversing trailers much easier.

Lizard Superior End Dump 28ft
– Base Price: $84000
– Capacity: 51000 – 58000 Liters realistic (500000 Liters Unrealistic)

Lizard Superior End Dump 34ft
– Base Price: $102000
– Capacity: 62000 – 70000 Liters realistic (500000 Liters Unrealistic)

Lizard Superior End Dump 40ft
– Base Price: $120000
– Capacity: 73000 – 82000 Liters realistic (500000 Liters Unrealistic)

Lizard Superior End Dump 48ft
– Base Price: $144000
– Capacity: 87000 – 98000 Liters realistic (500000 Liters Unrealistic)

Configuration Options:
– Axle configurations with varying spacing and lift-axle options
– Three side wall configurations
– Side wall, frame, tarp, support mount, and rim color configurations
– Grain door option
– Fast tipping option
– Tarp, bulk extensions, or Silage/Root Crop extensions
– Front wall ladder or man hole options
– Rear attacher option
– Running Light Configurations
– Rear light configurations
– Mid Mud Flap configurations
– Decal Configurations
– Reflector option

Additional Trailer Features:
– Dynamic skinned mudflaps that swing with trailer momentum
– Dynamic swinging tailgate
– 50% tip height option for dumping in areas with low clearance
– Detailed animations with sounds

Lizard Semi Trailer Dolly
– Base Price: $5000
– Single or double wheel configurations
– Mudflap decal option
– Wheel cover options
– Body paint and wheel cover color options
– Rear light option
– A-Frame or Straight drawbar configurations
– Dolly lock function (for easy reversing)

Dolly lock function is enabled by “folding” the dolly. The red light indicated the dolly joint is locked.

Authors: KarlFarms 
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