Kroeger Hkd 302 Drehschemel V1.1.1

Farming Simulator 22 Kroeger HKD 302 Drehschemel V1.1.1 mod download.

Here a Kroeger HKD 302 turntable from the LS19, converted and adjusted.

Version 1.1.1
The light was updated, taillight was white

Version 1.1.0
Various improvements, sounds, hydraulics and tarpaulin installed
Warning eliminated
Appearance of the tarpaulin adapted to the HKD 402 screen printing

Since there is/was no suitable screenprint for “my” HKD 402, I added colors so that the two look roughly similar.

Authors: GIANTS Software GmbH 
Download Kroeger Hkd 302 Drehschemel V1.1.1 -

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