Galgenberg 2.0 Map V2.0.0.2

Farming Simulator 22 Galgenberg 2.0 Map V2.0.0.2 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.12

Welcome to Kirchen, a district of the large district town of Ehingen Donau, on the edge of the Schwäbische Alb.
The map is based on the scenic depiction of the place, with an original replica of a main courtyard and the course of the streets.

*NOTE: This update will NOT require a new savegame.

– White window fix mill
– Extra milk container with unloading station for cheese production at the farm
– Clover and lucerne silage bales can be sold at Landhandel
– Fixed roads black (consoles)
– Simplification of feeding the interior of the stable Hof1
– Yard heating wood chip tarpaulin fix
– various optical fixes

What awaits you on the map:
– 1 original replica of the largest farm on site
– 6 more playable courtyards
– 1 free place to build a farm
– 100 fields, meadows and forest areas where everyone gets their money’s worth,
– Various outlets such as a country store,
– small productions such as allotments or apple orchards,
– small BGA
– horse farm,
– You can take water from the ponds or rivers,
– Forests for the tree-hoppers among you are plentiful
– Ready for precision farming

We wish you a lot of fun with the map


*NOTE: This update will require a new savegame.

– Road network completely recreated.
– Corrected the alignment of the floor angles
– Fixed apple orchard
– Courtyard 2 and Courtyard 5 newly built
– Deco vehicles eliminated
– Country trade completely rebuilt
– Various minor bugs fixed

– Mill integrated
– 3 new types of fruit (Klee Alfalfa Rye)
– Implemented leftover apples as additional feeding
– Feed mixer and organic shop for courtyard 1
– Walkable in fire
– Integrated manure purchase / wood chip purchase
– Added lime production at the gravel works
– Added map selection for easy and difficult feeding


*NOTE: This update will NOT require a new savegame.

– Fixed sales points that cannot be unloaded
– Fixed pallet spawn point mill
– Colli fixed to mill
– Cheese is made from milk (cheese production)
– Various optical fixes
– Fixed roads black (consoles)
– Adjustment feeding foo+

Authors: Jogi 
Download Galgenberg 2.0 Map V2.0.0.2 -

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