FS22 – Selling Station Modded V1.1

Farming Simulator 22 Selling Station Modded V1.1 mod download.

Added all filltypes from Guinness Beer mod

Status: 1.0.0
All fill types from the dairy mod added

Status: 1.0.0
Added all filltypes from Pizza Production mod

Status: 1.0.0
All fillTypes registered
Mod must be extracted from now on.

Not all mods may be installed, otherwise you will hit the fillType limit (255) and the mod will throw warnings!!!
The original Selling Station now only accepts products from the main game, modded fillTypes are accepted by the submods (it is still possible to sell wood at all Selling Stations).

The mod: FS22_Selling_Station_modded_klein_mods houses all mods that are not further split (fish production, MCAIN PRODUCTION, PALLET PRODUCTION, KARTOFFELVERARBEITUNGS PACK_Hahner, Corn Dryer, Yogurt Production, Weinfertigung_Bigdaddy, Distillery Production, cigarette production, Pepsicola Production, ketchup production, caviar production, jam production, coffee Production,Martini Production,Pasta Production,Popcorn Production,Shroom Production,Dairy,Pizza Production,Guinness Beer) the fillTypes of this mod become too much, this one will be further split.

Authors: FarmerMike5390 (Conversion) Fernand24 (orginal Mod) GIGAAj1 (Modder) 
Download FS22 – Selling Station Modded V1.1 - modsbase.com

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