FS22 – Rhon Map 2022 V1.2

Farming Simulator 22 Rhon Map 2022 V1.2 mod download.

This is the idyllic Rhön Map 2022. Experience a realistic gaming experience in the beautiful Rhön. Small to large areas invite you to harvest, sow, mow or plow until the doctor comes.

Changes V1.2 – V2 beer:
-Buildings revised, straightened and adjusted
-Added new buildings
-Added decoration objects with seasonal dependency
– Grain silo revised (animation etc.)
-Ground adjustment in various places + missing grass added
-Fixed floating trees
-Map border revised
-Added 1 forest area
-just discover the rest for yourself

Hello dear LS community,
I’ve been busy building this map a lot over the last few months. A lot of energy went into the installation of converted original stables etc.
The map reflects a small part of the Hessian Rhön and is an almost 1×1 replica of reality. The map is always being worked on…
But now to the scope of the map:
-1 cowshed with dung board, 1 cowshed which has to be cleared out
-Sheep pasture with pasture trough/spring trough
-Stable with own horse head
-4 mobile silos, 2 wedge silos and 2 large drive-through silos
-converted grain store
-Mill, farm shop, country store, dairy and sale of bales Raiber
-converted biogas plant based on reality
-Vegetable garden fully functional with approx. 56-58 planting places
-All areas can be bought, but are not suitable for the forest
-….and much more!

Authors: MoMo (HessenFarmers) 
Download FS22 – Rhon Map 2022 V1.2 - modsbase.com

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