FS22 – Jenz Hem 922 Dq Cobra Hybrid V1.0

Details in Farming simulator:
– Wood Chipper
– 660000eur
– 571kw/776hp
– Automatic
– 680l
– 80kph / 49mph
– 32.2t

Manufacturer’s specification:
– pivoting driver’s cab for best overview
– compact 4-axle HGV 8×6-4 with self-steering axle for extreme off-road capability and high manoeuvrability
– relocation of HGV on job site also possible with driver’s cab pivoted and elevated and with full carrier vehicle towing power
– Vario-flex control system for infinitely variable pre-selectable rotor speed
-hybrid technology for highest efficiency: chipper drive via high-powered add-on motor and via HGV motor
– large draw-in makes processing of bulky material and thick trunks easier
– extremely high throughput rate
– extremely large screen area for best chipping quality
– less fines content in chippings and lower wear costs due to hydraulic blower
– loading to the front over driver’s cab possible
– enormous screen basket cover swivel capability for optimal accessibility of rotor and screen basket changing without tools
– 80 km/h top speed

Authors: Farming Simulator 

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