FS22 – Grimme Evo 290 V1.0

Details in Farming simulator:
– Potato Harvester
– 147kw / 200hp
– 12.5t
– 10kph / 6mph
– 205000eur
– 1.8m

Real EVO 290 Highlights:
The EVO 290 is the first trailed potato harvester with a bunker capacity of 9 tonnes. This allows high acerage outputs to be achieved and avoids double passage with a full bunker on long fields.
The patented unloading bunker with reversing bunker floor and a capacity of 5.5 t enables non-stop harvesting with maximum crop protection. Compared to a conventional standard bunker, the digging capacity can be increased by 20 % to 30 %.
The infinitely variable drive of the main webs is available for use in various conditions. The drive can be set independently of the PTO shaft speed of the tractor and can be reversed in case of blockages.
The very effective separation of stones and wet clods enables savings in picking staff.
The revolutionary separator AirSep uses an air stream to separate trash from the crop stream at an early stage.
Depending on the cultivation method (rows, beds, flat beds etc.), a wide range of different vegetables such as carrots, celeriac, red beet or onions can also be harvested besides to potatoes.

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