FS22 – First Look At The New Crops V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 introduces three new crops: Grapes, olives and sorghum. Thanks to the new production chains, you can even process them further. Let’s take a first look at the new crops and what you can do with them. But wait, have you seen our brand-new trailer, yet?

Start your juicy business – with grapes!

You will be having fun planting countless grape vines on the hillsides and curved fields. Just like you do on a real vineyard with rows and rows of vines, you stripe your farmland with them and make it look really idyllic – as if your farm was a vacation spot. To fully enjoy the scenic view on your own vineyard, you will need to take care of your grapes, of course. With special equipment, the fruit needs to be fertilized and the ground loosened and mulched.

If you’re playing Farming Simulator 22 with seasonal growth activated, you’ll have to take a look at the crop calendar, too: Plant your grapes between March and June and don’t waste time harvesting them in September and October with the New Holland Braud 9070L. Also, don’t forget to prepare what’s left for the next season the following year!

Olives for more Mediterranean charm

If a farm full of grape vines isn’t Mediterranean enough for your delicate taste, take it a step further and plant olive trees on your fields. Looking like a dense carpet of little trees from afar, it’s definitely just as beautiful of a sight, too. In case of doubt, just go with both!

There are some differences when it comes to taking care of olives. For example, the planting season for olives is the same as for grapes, between March and June. But, you will have to harvest them a little bit quicker – harvest season for olives is only in September. Again, New Holland will give you the right machine to harvest – this time, it’s the New Holland Braud 9090X.

New type of grain: Nutritious sorghum

We also added a new type of grain with sorghum. A member of the sweet grass family, sorghum is one of the most important foodstuffs in the world. It’s highly nutritious because of its dietary fibers and is used in a lot of different forms for human consumption. It’s mostly cultivated in dry climate areas and is therefore steadily becoming more and more important in the world.

Production chains with grapes, olives and sorghum

Since we introduce production chains with Farming Simulator 22, you can process the new crops after harvesting. Only if you want to, though!

What do you make out of grapes? Fine and tasty grape-juice, of course (what else would you do with this delicious fruit that’s enjoyable for all ages?). But dried grapes are tasty, too – don’t you think? With olives, you can produce high-grade olive oil. That shouldn’t be a big surprise. Sorghum you can deliver to the grain mill to produce fine flour.

There’s more to tell when it comes to the three new crops and the production chains. We’ll go more in-depth, soon, and show you how to handle them in the game. If you missed our announcement of production chains – check it out, now!

And as usual, stay tuned – especially for FarmCon! We’re streaming live from July 21st to July 23rd and show a lot of new material. It’s broadcasted on our official GIANTS Software Twitch channel.

Farming Simulator 22 releases for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia on November 22nd. Depending on the region, the cover depicts a Case IH AFS Connect Magnum, Fendt 900 Vario, Massey Ferguson MF 8S or Zetor Crystal.

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