FS22 – Filltypes Tp V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Filltypes TP V1.0 mod download.

This is the firsts files I release for FS22. Attention this isn´t a mod, this is files for modders make maps with new filltypes for Mining and Construction. If you dont make maps this files dont have any interest for you.

The instructions is inside the .rar file. The file contain the textures and the xml´s to put on your map.

For players:
If you download this and think this is a mod, delete.

For modders:
1- put the folder fillPlanesTP inside your map
2- open your map.xml and add this:

<fillTypes filename=”maps/mapUS/fillPlanesTP/maps_fillTypes.xml” />
<densityMapHeightTypes filename=”maps/mapUS/fillPlanesTP/maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml” />

Remember you need indicate the right path for fillPlanesTP folder. On my case is “maps/mapUS/” you need pay attention the path you have.

If you make this right you have already the new filltypes on your map.
3- add the filltypes as a pile on your map. Open your map with Giants Editor version 9.0.1 or highter and consult the fruitTPcode.xml I provide with the channels for terrainDetailHeigh (if you dont know what is this search for tutorials).
If you have doubts go to my discord channel i try help you.

Authors: Nonnus 
Download FS22 – Filltypes Tp V1.0 - modsbase.com

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