FS22 – Fendt 700 Vario V1.0

Details in Farming simulator:
– Tractor
– 110kw / 150hp
– 400l
– 8.1t
– 162000EUR
– Variable (CVT)

Your daily work will become a thing of perfection with a Fendt® 700 Vario tractor. It features the ideally engineered mix of power and precision, maneuverability and reliability, functionality and comfort, so you can take on anything from light-duty grassland applications to heavy-duty field operations.

The 700 Vario is perfectly equipped with a large lift capacity and powerful hydraulics, so you get maximum productivity and management of even the heaviest loads. The 700 Vario features Fendt SCR technology for fuel economy that’s up to 10 percent better and torque rise that’s up to 43 percent higher. Not only will you save fuel — you’ll save on extra costs.

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