FS22 – Faster Water Tank And Mks 200 V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Faster Water Tank and MKS 200 V1.0 mod download.

Faster Water Tank.
This faster water tank mod will provide you with 2 new items:

Faster Water Tank
Cost: 10,000 $
Filling speed has been greatly increased! No more waiting to fill up your massive water tankers for your greenhouses.
Speed: 6,000 L/s

Faster and Bigger MKS32
Cost: 100,000 $
Filling and unloading speed have been increased tremendously! Water capacity has as well
Capacity: 200,000 L
Empty Speed: 4,000 L/s

Authors: Vagos999 
Download FS22 – Faster Water Tank And Mks 200 V1.0 - modsbase.com

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