FS22 – Elm Creek Gamesave + Mods V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Elm Creek Gamesave + Mods V1.0 mod download.

This is my game save on Elm Creek, spent a lot of time getting an American farm yard feel going, thought id share the love. These mods are not mine and I do ask you give the authors the much do love they deserve. Animals included are Cattle, Pigs, and Sheep. I own the Mill, Bakery, and the Sugar Mill. Enjoy guys!

To use the mods just download and remover all from mods folder, for the game save just change the number at the end to suit the slot you want it on.

Terrain buy the Dairy on the right near the tree line wouldnt smooth out, If you find a way lemme know so i can apply it to my farm has well haha.

Authors: TajunTV for the game save. Realismus Modding for the Subsidy Mod 82Studio for the Mutli-Fruit buying station Giants (ingame components used) Diniz Farms (Edits) Kederk Farms (Testing) for the US 8 R Version. Dunno who made the Super Strength Mod this time around. I also Pr-Ordered so i have the Class Pack but that should effect the save file. 
Download FS22 – Elm Creek Gamesave + Mods V1.0 - modsbase.com

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