FS22 – Console Helper V1.0.0.1

Farming Simulator 22 Console Helper V1.0.0.1 mod download.

Fix bug in chV command (gfind replaced by gmatch)

This mod is a little helper to debug mods or scripts easier. With the 3 commands values can be read and written, functions can be called and tables can be read recursively. Everything that is output in the console is also directly available in the logfile.

the following commands are available:
Command: chT

Read tables recursively , optionally you can specify the maximum depth (no specification = depth 1).

chT _G
chT g_currentMission
chT g_currentMission 10 (better not do this because it takes forever…)

Command: chF
Call functions/methods, optionally pass up to 3 arguments.

chF g_currentMission.controlledVehicle:getFullName
chF g_currentMission.controlledVehicle:setCruiseControlMaxSpeed 20
chF g_currentMission.controlledVehicle:getCruiseControlMaxSpeed

Command: chV
Read or write the value of a field.

chV g_currentMission.controlledVehicle.price
chV g_currentMission.controlledVehicle.price 999999
chV g_missionManager.missions.1.reward
chV g_missionManager.missions.1.reward 50000

Of course, many other things can be called or displayed using the ConsoleHelper’s commands as well.

Authors: BigBlueHH 
Download FS22 – Console Helper V1.0.0.1 - modsbase.com

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