FS22 – Biodiesel Production V1.2

Farming Simulator 22 Biodiesel Production V1.2 mod download.

Placeable biodiesel production can be used to produce diesel. Production lines. Rapeseed = Diesel. The mod is in version 1.1 and more version with other production lines will follow, as well as other productions.

Changelog 11/29/2021 Version 1.2
Hotfix ClearArea Richitg discontinued.
Hotfix LevelArea The groundType is now set correctly after placing.
Hotfix production revised.
[+] New texture
[+] New objects
[+] New FillType added Sonnenblumen / Sunflower user request

There are also plans that biodiesel can actually be produced, and that another product issue, such as bio diesel barrels on pallets, comes as a second product issue.

Authors: SidoxGamer 
Download FS22 – Biodiesel Production V1.2 - modsbase.com

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