Fichthal Map V2 V1.1.1

Farming Simulator 22 Fichthal Map V2 V1.1.1 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.13

Welcome to the Bavarian map Fichthal.

– Circular saw installed (with new production) and sawmill production rate increased
– New decorative objects related to the workshop theme were installed

The hilly map is modeled on the forests and valleys of the Bavarian landscape. The Fichthal offers new productions and more sales outlets than its predecessor.
The built-in yards are suitable for small to large vehicles and are completely sellable.
The “More Trees” mod is recommended for all forest enthusiasts (PC); decorative trees are available for consoles under Decoration.
The map also supports the Manure system.
If you need more information about the productions, you can look at the map or place the production sign under productions.

Map details:
– 255 purchasable areas
– Over 50 forest areas
– 134 fields and 27 meadows
– 50 pretzels installed to collect
– 9 sales points and several wood pellet and firewood delivery points
– Several productions with new goods have been added to the map (various pellet tankers are available for pellets)
– 1 BGA
– 8 small and large courtyards
– Occasionally purchasable buildings
– Over 60 built buildings
– More than 60 decorative objects
– Dirt roads with potholes
– There are no AI splines included for driving

No new saves are necessary for future updates. You are welcome to post errors and suggestions under my trailer:
– Map is now Manure System ready
– Apple juice installed, as well as a small press and production sign under productions
– Textures edited and decorations added
– Fixed invisible decorative trees
– Spruce trees can now be marked with the Platinum DLC (Fallen trees could spawn again)
– edited a few courtyard buildings
– Farm gate on farm 2 now opens wider (145°)
– Traffic adjusted
– Trigger adjusted and enlarged
– Map overview revised
– Added symbols to apple trees
– Gates at meadows are now open by default (only in new savegames)
– In easy mode, the two starting meadows can now also be fertilized (only in new savegames)

Have fun on the beautiful landscape.

Authors: Lucas G 
Download Fichthal Map V2 V1.1.1 -

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