Courseplay V7.3.0.3

Farming Simulator 22 Courseplay V7.3.0.3 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.12

Push Release
fix for course generator screen for 3 display setups #2725
small correction for #2734
Added auto display option for info panel #2727
adjustment for #2426
Added support for front plows like in #2228
Fold plow while in turn to get a smaller turn radius #2748

Push Release
Enable Fieldwork for Forstmulcher #2600
Enable Fieldwork for Handmower #2679
Fix for #2691
Fix for #2699
Fix for #2684
Fix for #2681
Add ‘disableUnfolding’ boolean to vehicle config to prevent tools to unfold wich should not unfold. #2677

Push Modhub Update Version
fix for #2655
fix for #2663

Push Release
Fixes the evaluation, if the cutter can be used for field working or not. #2638
Fix for #2643
Fix when more than one tool is attached.
Fix for proximity controller.+
Fix for #2656
Increase modDesc Version to 76 (Game Version
This is the pre-modhub Version.
If nothing more super bad happens, Update will be sent to modHub

Push Hotfix
fix for #2637

Push Release
Fixes a bug, where the startup message was not displayed.
Fixes a bug for proximity sensor when use reversed cabin driving.
Added global setting for fruit destruction of helpers. (off, CP only, all Helper).
Added a proper offset setting to the HUD for bale collect/wrap mode.
Added new feature, where the combine automatically can pickup the header from an attached trailer:
A new setting must be activated in the vehicle settings page under combine settings for this to work.

There are two use cases:
Player startes the harvester near a field with the cutter attached on the back, either on a trailer or an integrated cutter with trailer functionality.
Sending the harvester to a field with Giants or Autodrive helper.
The Trailer must be in a spot, where the combine has enough space to pick it up, reverse and then drive to the fieldwork course.
If there is not enough space, there is nothing we can do about it. Manuvering within an AI needs some space.
Unloading the header after finish work is planed but has low priority.
IMPORTANT: Right now there is a mod conflict with manual attach, this will be fixed in the manual attach mod in a later update.

Authors: courseplay-release-creator 
Download Courseplay V7.3.0.3 -

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