Agroland Kg90 Trailer V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Agroland KG90 Trailer V1.0 mod download.
Supported game versions: FS22 – 1.14

The KG 90 from the manufacturer Agroland is a special slurry container that can be used as a field container. It can be filled from the top or from the bottom. The containers are also equipped with an 8 inch suction tube for docking with a hydraulic suction arm. The walls of the container are specially curved so that the walls are well protected from the internal pressure of the liquid. The containers are equipped as standard with a K80 ball hook.
the price: 30,500€
capacity: 90,000l
Manure system supported

Authors: Trucker Ducky 
Download Agroland Kg90 Trailer V1.0 -
Download Agroland Kg90 Trailer V1.0 -

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